Beckman Coulter Automation Symposium 2017

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Automation is not just about instruments or technology, it is also about the lean, workflow and laboratory process.

That is why we organize in Prague on October 4, 2017:
Beckman Coulter Automation Symposium "Clinical Laboratory - automation, workflow and efficiency".
Please see the preliminary agenda we have defined for you.

Invited speakers
Prof. A. Jabor, Prague, Czech Republic
Dr. M. Obermeier, Berlin, Germany
Dr. T. Trenti, Trento, Italy

Moderated by: P.Ladestein, Beckman Coulter, Germany
Chairman: Prof. T. Zima, DrSc., MBA, Rector of Charles University in Prague

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Please pay attention also to CELME 2017 (Cutting Edge of Laboratory Management in Europe symposium) which is following up the Beckman Coulter Automation Symposium.